ROAD TO EXILE: Five guys who are ready to take the stage wherever a good portion of Metal music is desired. Inspired by the classic legends of heavy and thrash metal, the five-piece from Konstanz at the Lake Constance stands for energetic live shows, pounding rhythms and crashing breakdowns that get under your skin. The band has been on the road since 2015, released the EP "We must be reborn" and the album "Order & Chaos" and played many shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Carl Freise
- vocals - 
David Buhl
- guitar - 
Thomas Schmidt
- guitar - 
Sebastian Harttung
- bass - 
Maurice Ernst
- drums - 

What the press says:

"Road to Exile combine progressive sounds with old-school thrash and heavy riffs on their debut WE MUST BE REBORN." (Metal World Music Channel, 07/04/2017)

"Metal, sweat and flying hair during the ROAD TO EXILE performance" (Südkurier, July 4th, 2018)

"ROAD TO EXILE finally shook the rustic ground floor, so that the dust came loose from the walls and ceiling, only to be swept off the stage by one shred of rock music after the other. [...] Shortly thereafter, hair was flying wildly and rhythmic. That the band has a lot of stage experience was already clear in the first lines of the first song. [...] Singer Carl is and remains the real bundle of energy in this heavy metal group: No beat goes by without going up jump, no drums fade away without him tossing his long hair around again and motivating the crowd [...]." (Schwarzwälder Bote, September 11, 2018)



  • Founding of ROAD TO EXILE
  • Lineup: Carl Freise (vocals), Fabian Marquart (guitar), Hamza Bourouyne (guitar), Thomas Schmidt (guitar), Steffen Schumm (bass guitar), Johannes Messmer (drums)


  • Release of the EP "We must be reborn"
  • Steffen Schumm leaves the band, Sebastian Harttung comes in on bass guitar


  • Release of the album "Order & Chaos"


  • For the first time also gigs in Austria and Switzerland
  • Production of the music video "Lifeblood"
  • Fabian Marquart leaves the band


  • Release of the music video "Lifeblood"
  • Hamza Bourouyne leaves ROAD TO EXILE, replaced by Tristan Stegmanns (guitar)


  • Break due to the Corona pandemic


  • ROAD TO EXILE are finally back on stage after more than a year and are writing new songs


  • Johannes Messmer leaves the band at the beginning of the year. ROAD TO EXILE quickly found a worthy successor on drums in Maurice Ernst.
  • Tristan Stegmanns also leaves the band. He is followed by David Buhl, who after just a handful of rehearsals is already on stage with the band.